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Chhey Mukhi Rudraksha

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Represented by Lord Kartikeyan, the six faced chhey mukhi rudraksha represents the bounty that we can gain from our academic pursuits or careers. It’s a great bead for those who want to move in a new direction such as starting a new career or joining university. The bead stands for what we can gain when we work for it and in this case that means the very best of the best: the finer things in life. This bead is for those who are prepared to work hard but also have strong tastes. The bead also protects the wearer against any enemies and is great for those who have to face an enemy directly, for example in court. This bead also boosts our hearts and minds. It makes us more loving, caring and generous. This bead helps people achieve great comfort and luxury from life but also helps us feel good emotionally, mentally and spiritually. The physical rewards are matched with a strong sense of security in the self to keep the wearer grounded. It’s a good bead of choice for women who want to have a baby and boosts the power of people who wish to become managers or leaders in their chosen field. This bead can be worn around the neck or placed in a room of the house where you worship or meditate.