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Chauda Mukhi Rudraksha

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The Chauda Mukhi Rudraksha has fourteen sides and contains the blessings of Lord Hanuman. The blessings of the Lord are many making this one of the most divine beads of all. For this reason, it’s incredibly popular. The blessings evoked by the bead include wisdom, courage, bravery, will-power, strength and prosperity. This bead also elevates the qualities of the heart making the wearer as loving as they are loved. The bead is ideal for people who aren’t sure of themselves as it encourages us to feel confident in our uniqueness and embrace who and what we are. It also makes us honest, dependable and fearless – in this way we can throw ourselves into life and gain from it all that we can. This is a real ‘go getter’ bead; if there is something you want to accomplish or achieve, this bead will help it to happen. Fortunately the bead also boosts balance. It helps even out a person’s nature and temperament helping them face and conquer life’s challenges as and when they emerge. It’s also a great bead for a person looking to find their inner potential and strengths. Wear the bead connected to a red string and embossed in gold or silver to protect its powers. You can then wear the bead with you or keep it safe at home in an area or worship or reflection.