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Chaar Mukhi Rudraksha

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Represented by Lord Brahma, the creator and inventor of all living things, the chaar mukhi rudraksha gives the wearer knowledge, creativity, concentration, focus, intelligence and improved memory. The bead is also ruled by the planet Mercury which in western astrology represents communication, learning and fast thought. Signs ruled by Mercury are Gemini and Virgo so this bead is beneficial for such people. This bead should be worn when a person needs to use their brain to its best; at school or university, during a presentation or speech or as they revise and need to rely on their memory power! The purpose of this rudraksha is to help people hold on to what they have learnt so that they can use it in future. It’s a great bead for extensive learning. This bead also boosts the power of speech so presenters, teachers, singers and anyone who uses their voice in such a way will benefit from this bead. The bead also boosts the power of original thought so that people are able to analyse, digest and objectively explore information without just taking it in as truth. It’s a great bead for artists and writers looking to come up with unique projects. People with speech impediments such as stammers will also benefit from wearing this bead. Scientists, communicators, teachers, students and those in the tech field will really get much from this bead in life and work. Ideally this bead should be worn around the neck or placed in the home in an area where you meditate or worship.