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Marble Star Ganesh

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This beautiful Marble Star Ganesh is a striking representation of the hugely influential and popular Lord Ganesh. Red, white, gold and green are merged to create a beautiful ornament that works well in any room of the house. Put it out during Diwali to invite good, pure energy into the home. . Ganesh represents the marriage of emotion with reason. By marrying both of these very human extremes, a blending occurs which tempers the extremist potential of both. An overly emotional person can be destructive, depressed and anxious whilst indulging in provocative or dangerous behaviours. An overly rational person can be cold and unfeeling. The merging of the two creates a compassionate, empathetic being bestowed with great wisdom and intelligence. Ganesh reminds us to enjoy worldly pursuits and pleasures without becoming so connected with them that we lose ourselves.