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Ganesh With T Light

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This beautiful Ganesh with T-light is ideal to place in a shrine or place of worship. Simply light the candle and meditate/begin your spiritual practice. You can place this item anywhere in the home. During Diwali, placing this ornament on a shrine within the home boosts its influence. Delightfully colourful, the spiritual offering to Lord Ganesh bolsters his effects. Famed for his elephant head and human form, he represents success and the ability to transcend problems to reach a favourable end. Lord Ganesha is the very first son of Lord Shiva and Divine Mother Parvati. His parentage is excellent. The merging of human and elephant represents the sublime being Lord Ganesha, renowned for his spirituality and wisdom. Ganesha’s superior intellect fosters an innate awareness of life. Ganesha also reflects pleasure; his wide mouth is prepared to take in all of the joys and pleasures of the world but when tempered with understanding and moderation, one does not descend into sin. Ganesha also promotes listening to others and awareness. Ganesha gathers various instruments within his hands; an axe, a Laddus tray, a lotus and the final hand is poised in a blessing position. Ganesha embodies both emotion and reason. Both are required if man is to resist earthly passions. This exquisite carving should be placed in the home during Diwali to bring prosperity, auspicious beginnings and the blending of emotion with reason to create a harmonious home.