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White Coral

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White coral consists of living matter. Small polyps, when they die, fuse their skeletons together. This becomes the coral that lives and breathes underwater. Not only is coral beautiful and available in many colours, but it is also a very positive item to wear as it protects the wearer from bad omens, energy and karma. White coral is a guardian for those who live or work nearby the sea such as sailors, fishermen, swimmers and anyone born underneath the water signs of Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces. The white coral is very protective and brings wealth to those who wear it. Coral can be worn on the body. When it touches the skin it protects against skin problems. You can also keep a piece of coral under your pillow, in your pocket or in various rooms of your home to keep the positive impact of the coral strong. White coral also boosts self-expression and communication; if you need to speak freely, white coral will help you feel confident in doing so. White coral is also ideally worn during long voyages particularly at sea, as a protective barrier against misfortune. White coral is quite vulnerable so it does require special care. White coral is also thoughts to help maintain a happy family life especially to children and babies. White coral also boosts immunity so wear it if you need to maintain optimum health or are recovering from a period of sickness. As a gift, white coral lends protection, wisdom and safety to whoever keeps the coral close.