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The opal comes in so many colours and reflects colours so differently from stone to stone, making it one of the most unique gems of all. Despite opals alluring beauty, the gem is entirely naturally made; each one made a little different from the last. In western astrology, opals are connected to Libra. Opals are quite a delicate gem due to the fact that they contain water. They can be damaged and cracked very easily so it’s important to care for them properly. Opals are very sensitive to heat so storing them in soft cases is advised. The many colours of opals boast slightly different properties. For example, fire opals boost sexual energy and blue opals help calm the body and mind. Opals represent everything within us; our thoughts, emotions, desires and dreams. As such, meditating with an opal helps us get in touch with who we are. It can be confusing to make sense of everything that we think and feel. Opals simplify the process. Some view opals as unlucky but this is only because the opal is a stone that triggers our emotions; it can remove blocks, promote self-love, heal us and help us identify our strengths, weaknesses, repressed selves and patterns in how we behave. It’s a great stone for personal growth. Opals come from Australia, Mexico and America. As they contain water, they are delicate and need to be stored safely away from heat otherwise they may crack. Opals help us to express ourselves and are linked to consciousness.