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Golden Topaz

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Golden topaz is a striking stone that is gold in colour with touches of pink throughout. The stone merges positivity, healing, confidence and also compassionate, gentle, soft love for a strong effect. The golden topaz teaches us that we can get what we want without hurting others. It teaches us to use and trust our hearts for the best effect. The stone is commonly used alongside the law of attraction, a law that helps people attract positive things into their lives. Many people choose to meditate with the stone whilst thinking of something that they really want. To wear the stone is to invite joy and happiness into your life daily whilst keeping your heart and faith strong. The stone’s vibration is connected to divine will so it can bring us only the very best as long as our intentions are very pure. We can also use the stone to attract positive energy to others. Yellow topaz, when worn, can eliminate irritation, stress, anxiety and negativity. It can bless us with a good, joyful, positive, warm mood which better helps us attract good things into our lives. You can also keep a stone in your pocket and rub it throughout the day. It’s a great stone for boosting confidence; if you doubt yourself golden topaz will help you be grateful for what you have and who you are. If you feel tired, unwell or bored, golden topaz will wake you up and give your life purpose. Golden topaz makes a great gift for a friend or student who could do with positive energy.