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Acharya Santrupthi

Acharya Santrupthi



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About Me

I come from an astrological family, so astrology is in my heritage. I've had my fair share of success and delusions during my 20 years of Vedic astrological studies. Even though my predictions were never wrong, the level of clarity improved with each study over the years. With each new inquiry resulting from a new delusion, I advanced to a higher level of comprehension. Every such attempt reminded me of how little I know about astrology and how vast the subject is. To share these experiences and newfound meanings, I wrote blogs for the benefit of serious astrology students, and later, I published a book on Astrology and Nakshatra. Writing for newspapers became a part of my system, and my articles on various aspects of Astrology continue to appear in newspapers today. Later, I learned palm and face reading and began recommending remedies using multiple methods, including Lal Kitab, gemology, and Rudraksha. Many people have benefited, including many celebrities from various fields such as entertainment, sports, and politics. Instead of instilling fear, astrology is a science that should provide people with solutions and make them feel at ease on their life's journey. Yes, I do the same thing by offering simple solutions to people's problems, whether they are related to love, relationships, marriage, career, money, or anything else, and many of my clients have benefited from my advice.