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Nau Mukhi Rudraksha

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The nine faced nau mukhi rudraksha represents female energy and power and is symbolised by the goddess Durga. Within this bead lives the energy of nine devis. This bead is a good gift to give to wives, daughters, sisters or partners. It harnesses the energy of women and especially the creative power of mothers. The bead protects wearers against ghosts, evil spirits, enemies and their bad intentions and gives the wearer strength, willpower, protection and fearlessness. It helps the wearer find comfort and success in life, achieving all of their goals. It also helps the wearer feel free and liberated from worries, problems or barriers. The bead gives both spiritual satisfaction and material success. This bead also destroys the effects of sin in past life and helps with mental illness such as hallucinations and OCD. Anyone looking for fame, strength, power, bravery or commitment should wear this bead. Anyone who wishes to connect with feminine energy can also wear this bead to merge with goddess Durga and all that she can bring. This bead is one that can be worn by people who need to succeed and require the support of the bead when it comes to getting there.