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Yellow Sapphire

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The yellow sapphire is adored for its bright yellow colour which represents happiness, joy, life and warmth. Wearing a yellow sapphire is like wearing the sun around your neck; any area of your life that is dark or sad will be reawakened. The stone is known to bring good things to the wearer, especially when it comes to money and riches. It’s literally a lucky charm. As well as improving economic situations, the yellow sapphire is very much like a genie in a bottle; it can make wishes and dreams manifest. Wearing a yellow sapphire encourages good things to happen to you and come your way. The colour can also boost the happiness and attractiveness of the wearer so those who feel depressed or anxious should wear the stone. The yellow sapphire works best when a part of the stone is in contact with the skin so a necklace is a very good way to wear it. The stone also helps to calm a person, focus their thoughts and bring lasting joy and happiness. During hard times, the stone can be worn to bring back balance. A happy person can wear the stone to keep their sense of well-being high. The stone is very physically and emotionally healing and can bring excitement and wonderment to the wearer. The yellow sapphire can protect the wearer from bad energy such as bullies as it helps protect the wearer’s emotional and mental health. It’s a good idea to wear the stone daily to build up positive energy in the mind, body and soul.