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Blue Topaz

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Blue topaz is a stunning light blue stone that looks like the sky and the sea. Just as we might look towards the sky or sit beside the water for peace and harmony, we can keep a bit of this energy with us always in the form of blue topaz. The blue topaz is a relaxing stone that is ideal for a person who feels stressed. If you have many problems, lots of negative thoughts or simply feel stressed, even if there is not much to be stressed about, then blue topaz is the perfect stone for you. For people who feel confused, indecisive or a bit muddled, the blue topaz will help you sort through your thoughts to find the clear truth. The blue topaz is linked to the fire sign Sagittarius and helps sooth and focus the fiery adventurous archer. The blue topaz is ideally worn as a necklace as it connects to the throat chakra and can help us find and speak our truth whilst remaining open, calm and relaxed. If you are prone to sore throats, choking or shyness, the stone can help you find who you are. It also promotes gratitude and sincerity; when we use this stone we can focus on the good in our lives and be honest with ourselves about what needs changing. This is a great relaxation stone ideal for meditation, yoga or to place beside the bath. It’s advised to keep a piece of blue topaz in your pocket when you need to chill out; it will remind you to live in the now and keep a clear, calm head and heart. It’s also a great stone for communicators, teachers, journalists or those who have to present to others.