21/3 - 20/4
21/4 - 20/5
21/5 - 21/6
22/6 - 22/7
23/7 - 22/8
23/8 - 22/9
23/9 - 23/10
24/10 - 21/11
22/11 - 21/12
22/12- 19/1
20/1 - 18/2
19/2 - 20/3


Monthly Romance

Those of you who have gotten engaged recently must not pursue your career goals at the cost of your relationship. Single people might receive a romantic proposal from someone. You have never been this attractive and impossible to ignore than this month! You will be thrilled romantically and everything will go perfectly for you. If you have been planning to propose marriage this is the right time as you are sure to get a positive response. Those of you who have been divorced for some time now will finally think about dating again. Married people might get attracted to a colleague but you must avoid giving in to temptation as it could have serious repercussions. This month those of you who are single despite all your efforts to meet someone will finally meet someone interesting. The best part is that this person will return your feelings too. Spend some more time with this person and get to know them better. Married people who have been facing problems in their marriage can expect their problems to be solved to a certain extent this month.
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