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Aquarius Monthly Finance Horoscope - September, 2016

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Aquarius Monthly Finance Horoscope

Some unexpected gains from your past investment motivate you to earn huge returns by investing more money in existing business. Expanding your business will get you good returns but do consult a financial expert before taking any major step. If you are successful in expanding your business you will see yourself reaping huge benefits soon. However, mid month, some ups and downs in the financial market may keep you worried but it will be in your best interest to stay calm and rational. Sell your shares only when you get a good price on them. Avoid making any hasty decisions as this phase is just temporary and shall pass. Make sure you do not waste your money around the middle of the month in particular. There are indications that you may spend lavishly money in an effort to keep your friends happy. Your stars advise you to keep a sensible head on your shoulders, after all, it is your money and when the time comes, not many will come forward to help you financially. Avoid lending and borrowing, too. You will benefit by investing money in property. If possible, put off your investment decision for a few more days by which time you will be able to find out more about the companies or projects you want to invest in. Your financial position is likely to improve especially towards the month end. There are chances that you will be successful in recovering some pending payments. This will be doubly advantageous to you because, on the one hand, it will take care of your bills and immediate expenses and, on the other, leave you some surplus amount for investment. You are advised to commit your funds to buy antiques and jewellery. This will enable you to earn monetary gains.

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