21/3 - 20/4
21/4 - 20/5
21/5 - 21/6
22/6 - 22/7
23/7 - 22/8
23/8 - 22/9
23/9 - 23/10
24/10 - 21/11
22/11 - 21/12
22/12- 19/1
20/1 - 18/2
19/2 - 20/3


Monthly Career

This month can be a bit tough for those of you who are in the technical fields. You may face some hurdles at work which can be made worse due to the uncooperative attitude of your colleagues. For businessmen, on the other hand, this is a very productive month as you not only get exciting deals from overseas but these turn out to be really lucrative for you. Those of you who are unemployed despite your best efforts to land a job can breathe a sigh of relief. You will finally get some positive news about a job interview you had given a while back. Those in the technical fields especially software engineers will get a wonderful offer to work abroad with a very good package which you should go for. Models and fashion designers too will fare extremely well this month. Students who are looking to study abroad can go ahead and apply for a visa now. Government officials who have been expecting to hear about a promotion will not be disappointed. This month those of you who are looking to change your current job must be patient as you might not get a suitable position instantly. All students who are looking to make a career in the media sector will get lucky.
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