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Capricorn Daily Romance Horoscope - Oct 28 2016, Friday

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Capricorn Daily Romance Horoscope

You are preoccupied with negative thoughts today. However, your current relationship is not fulfilling all your desires or your wishes for a romantic relationship. You may need to make a decision about what to do about your current relationship. If you wish to end it, express yourself clearly and honestly and try to remain friends at the end.

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All about Capricorn

"Slow and steady wins the race" - this pretty much sums up a Capricorn's life. You carve your own niche in the world and despite being the proverbial slow runner you make sure that you win the race. And in th...

Capricorn Celebrity

Capricorn Celebrity Salman Khan

Ever wondered what star power could do? The answer is: ANYTHING! And this answer does not go with just about any star but a

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