21/3 - 20/4
21/4 - 20/5
21/5 - 21/6
22/6 - 22/7
23/7 - 22/8
23/8 - 22/9
23/9 - 23/10
24/10 - 21/11
22/11 - 21/12
22/12- 19/1
20/1 - 18/2
19/2 - 20/3


Monthly Romance

The beginning few days of this month might be a bit distressing for married couples as you seem to be bickering and getting drawn into arguments.It is not wise for you to leave things unsaid. Rather, you must have an honest chat to come to a solution for this problem. People who are still in search of a partner would do well to enlist the help of your friends as this will surely work. For those of you who are in a committed relationship and want to get married, you get enough opportunities to get your parents` involved in your plans. You are sure to get their support if you break the news now. Married couples who have been in a rut in your relationship will see everything change as the days go by and you find a solution to your problems. Even single parents get good news as far as your love life is concerned. You will meet someone really interesting, most probably at your workplace and whom you like a lot. Those of you who are getting married according to your parents` wishes will have nothing to worry about. You will get along very well with this person and find that you two have a lot in common. Fresh romantic spark in the relationship of married couples appears around this time.
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