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2016 Yearly Chinese Horoscope

2016 Rooster Horoscope for the Year

The Fire Monkey Year 2016 is a wonderful time for you to make any significant changes in your life. The first half of the year is extremely auspicious for you so make sure you take an overall view of the goals you set for yourself. Make any decisions or judgments after considering all the pros and cons. This could be your lucky year, muster the courage to take some risks and experience new outcomes. Ignore all the negative energy and proceed with your priorities if you want to make some serious progress. This will ensure that you avoid any unwanted failure.

Fortune: Individuals born under the sign of Rooster will enjoy a fabulous financial year ahead. Your management skills will be excellent as you will be able to cut down on any unnecessary expenses. This will leave you with enough cash to enjoy the year throughout. You can also move forward with any kind of long term investments for a secure future.


Career: You could be entering a period of slowdown and delay in your career compared to last year. Do not be disheartened instead you should use this time to give attention to minor details and flaws and enhance your skills. Nothing should stop you from pursuing your dreams but the road ahead is never easy. Businesspersons should roll things slow before investing in any new venture or project. Always remain positive and good things will come to you.


Partnerships: This will be a good year for singles on the lookout for some good loving. New friendships have a chance of developing into something more serious. Just be prepared to do something new and look for exciting ways to court your partner. Just make sure you keep your communications clear and express your feelings freely. There will also be good understanding between you and your spouse, peace and harmony on the domestic side. Your emotional stability will be better than the previous year.


Body: You will enjoy fantastic vitality and will have good flow of energy during the first few months of the year. You will have enough time in hand to spare for other activities as you are able to able to strike a fine balance between things.