Yin and Yang are the complimentary, yet opposing principles of Chinese philosophy. They are like two sides of a coin. Yin is dark, feminine and negative. Yang is bright, masculine and positive. These two forces continually interact with one another and this interaction is thought to maintain the harmony of the universe. When they blend and achieve balance, there is harmony.
Yin elements include houses, trees, all inanimate objects and darkness. Yang elements include people, animals, light and animate things.
Yin and Yang affect your home and the way you decorate it. Read about some common negative problems with houses, and the solutions for them. The use of Yin and Yang here is to illustrate that your house does not become too dark. On the other hand, in a big garden, shrubs, rose arches and rockeries can have a pleasing effect on a flat landscape.
There is Dense Foliage Around a House
» The Situation
You can sometimes sense darkness - both physical and atmospheric - which results from dense foliage,
overgrown hedges and close proximity to a woodland.
» The Effects
This stifles Yang, which is represented by light and creates a stuffy and heavy atmosphere in the house.
» The Solution
The foliage should be cut back to reduce the negative effects of Yin. Where possible, more windows should be added.
If this is not possible, light curtains should be used and drawn beyond the edge of the window where they open.
A House has too Many Windows.
» The Situation
Too many windows in the house increase the Yang influence.

» The Effects
This has the effect of allowing in too much light which can make the occupants of the house ill tempered. Air from all
directions mixes together and disrupts the energy flow in the house.
» The Solution
Some windows should be kept shut and curtains should be used to prevent too much light from coming in.
There is an Object outside the Window.
» The Situation
The main window or door overlooks a satellite dish or any other object.
» The Effects
Energy from this house is lost.
» The Solution
A potted plant should be kept on the window sill. It is not necessary to keep the curtains drawn.
There is a Window Overlooking a Clothesline.
» The Situation
A window overlooks a clothesline, which is closer than 30 metres

» The Effects
This gives too much Yin if the clothes are women's clothes and undergarments. This usually has a bad
implication, as the occupants will not be able to save money.
» The Solution
lace the curtains on either side of the window, but you need not draw them. Avoid the temptation to overspend.

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