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2016 Yearly Chinese Horoscope

2016 Rabbit Horoscope for the Year

This could be a fun filled year for you as a lot of travelling, social events and festivals are on the cards. On the flip side, some serious emotional issues could be on the rise during the start of 2016. Take your time to review these issues and slowly remove all of them one at a time in order to be happy. With a strong will, you will be able to find a remedy to all your problems so don’t worry. Start clean and gather all your energy to enjoy all the wonderful things that are in store for you this year.

Fortune: This is a good time for you to earn as much you can. Your time and energy should not be wasted on anything unnecessary at least for the first half of 2016. Use this time wisely to invest in something more substantial and clear any pending loans. You will be in your financial best this year, so make sure any financial decision that you take is sensible enough.


Career: You will have the zeal and fire to get things done when it comes to your career goals in 2016. Nothing will bog you down in your quest to get things done perfectly. You should be aware of your capabilities and undertake tasks only which you can finish. Businesspersons will come up with new ideas for projects giving you remarkable results. Direct your efforts in completing your goals and you will be quite content with your success.


Partnerships: The first half of 2016 could turn out to be slightly challenging for your relationship, especially with your spouse. Relax, find your mental balance and think deeply about solutions to resolve your marital problems. Don’t worry, peace and happiness will come your way slow and steady. By the end of the year harmony will prevail in your relationship as most of your emotional problems will now be sorted. All you need is a little patience and willingness to understand the other person’s point of view.


Body: The year of the Fire Monkey may not turn out to be the best year when it comes to your health. You could be quite weak and fragile during the beginning of this year possibly due to the rise of some stressful situations. If you do not pay attention to your health, it could prove to be a major hurdle in accomplishing your tasks. Whenever you have the time focus on activities which make you feel relaxed and comfortable.