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2015 Yearly Chinese Horoscope

2015 Rabbit Horoscope for the Year

2015, the year of the Sheep, will have positive influence on people born in the year of Rabbit. Rabbit and Sheep being highly compatible as per Chinese Horoscope, enhances the energy of Rabbit. 2015 will be a highly progressive year, be it on the professional or personal front, for those born in the year of Horse. Compared to the last year, you will have an increased amount of workload. But, with your popularity and charm, you will be able to pull in people to help you out. Try to leverage the help and support you are getting to the maximum level. Your personal life will stay harmonious as long as you keep a rational mind and give your loved ones their due attention.

Fortune: With help and support from friends at work, you will be able to achieve more which in turn will enhance your prospects to increase your earnings this year. If in business, be a little patient and you will see your investments rewarding you with huge profits.

Career: In 2015, career prospects will take an upswing for those born in the year of Rabbit. Your efforts and hard work will eventually be rewarded. Do not lose your focus in between.

Partnerships: At the love front, you will need to be empathetic towards your partner’s feelings or you may have to face some kind of confrontations in 2015. Try not to bring your office related stress at home and spend some quality time with your partner.

Body: People born in the year of Rabbit will enjoy a healthy 2015. However, some care and attention may be required to avoid any kind of accidental injuries. Try to follow a daily routine which gives you enough amounts of sleep and rest.