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2016 Yearly Chinese Horoscope

2016 Monkey Horoscope for the Year

2016 belongs to you and undeniably this is your year for some action. Fortune, luck and success, all good things will come your way. You will experience the positive vibes of your own year, “Fire Monkey”. You can make big changes happen since the energy around will be strong and fiery. This could be your golden chance to seek new horizons. Use your capabilities and optimism to your advantage in order to get things done. Why shouldn’t you be determined to achieve your goals when the prospects for development are so bright? Concentrate on your objectives one at a time with perseverance and patience and there’s nothing stopping you.

Fortune: You will have clear and precise ideas about your financial goals in 2016. This will improve your finances and will help you take the right steps in order to experience stability in your finances. Although this is a wonderful time for you in terms of earning money, you should stay away from any investments which are a little dicey. If you are in the right track you can use this opportunity to clear any pending bills and invest in something more substantial.

Career: 2016 will be a mixed year for you according to Chinese Astrology. Professionals will experience a hectic time but all your efforts will be worth it. If you are on the lookout for better opportunities you will not be disappointed but you need to give in conscious efforts. Businesspersons will be successful in acquiring new projects and ventures. If you are in a partnership business, you can expect good turnover this year. Work related travels will be beneficial for you.

Partnerships: 2016 – the year of the Fire Monkey will be auspicious for singles. New friendships will be formed which may later progress into something more romantic. This is a good year for marriages and engagements as you will exhibit excellent emotional stability. Spending more time with your partner or spouse will have a positive impact on your relationship.

Body: The Fire Monkey Year 2016 is an ideal time for you to look for ways to enhance your energy levels. You will be in excellent health for most of the time this year. You will be brimming with confidence and you will be comfortable in your skin. This attitude will make your life more joyous to live. Take sufficient time to relax and pay attention if you have any kind of addiction. If you maintain a proper diet and take care of your bad habits you will enjoy good health throughout the year.