Chinese Astrology

2014 Yearly Forecast
Your Chinese Sign: Rabbit

For those of you born under the sign of the Rabbit, 2014 will prove to be a significant year marked with many important events. Someone may express their desire to be in a relationship with you. Your expenses may shoot up. Spend wisely and do not act on your impulses. This year you need to keep things balanced and take all your decisions very carefully. Career wise, the year 2014 will be an important one for you. Don’t miss out any opportunities. Your family will always be there to lend a helping hand. Family ties are more pronounced for you this year.

2014 has a lot of good in store for you on the love front. You will succeed in winning your beloved over in spite of the misunderstandings of last year. People will be attracted to you easily as you will be at your charming best. You are sure to be an asset to any social occasion. Life will take a very interesting turn as there are strong chances of your meeting that special someone towards the middle of 2014. You will certainly live it up in 2014 and there will be romance and passion in your love life. You will create solid bonds that will last a lifetime. Opening the lines of communication and sharing your dreams with your beloved will help you achieve harmony in your relationships.

In 2014, your career is much more rewarding as you reap last year`s benefits. This year is all about working in collaboration with others. You will impress people thoroughly with your hard work and determination, this year. You will not overestimate your talents. This year is perfect for you to start planning your strategies for the next few years so that you are truly focused on your goals. 2014 will prove to be an excellent year for those of you who are still waiting to be employed as you finally land the position of your dreams. This year you will finally be promoted to the higher post that you have been working so hard for. Take extra care of any minor details.

Most Compatible With: Pig, Sheep, Rat, Ox & Tiger.

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