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I am a certified Tarot Reader and Holistic Life Coach, as well as a dentist. I've been reading tarot cards for three years. Since childhood, astrology has piqued my interest, and I've always believed that it can serve as a guiding tool in making life's most important decisions and removing even the tiniest doubts. I believe that my intuition is gifted and that it can assist people in finding answers to various questions in their lives. My communication style is straightforward, honest, and practical. And I enjoy sharing my gifts with clients, and I always encourage them to live life passionately and positively. I've served people from various backgrounds in India, Australia, America, and Africa. I am a firm believer in the law of attraction and believe that we are capable of accomplishing anything we set our minds to. I can help with issues concerning love, relationships, marriage, education, career, and finances.