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Taurus Monthly Horoscope - February, 2017

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Taurus Monthly Horoscope

A seemingly unexplained slump in energy may be affecting you earlier this month, Taurus. Remain your perseverant, consistent and determined self and you will not be affected negatively. You are more than equipped in resources and character to face what is in the way on your path to success or fulfillment. Perhaps your concentration seems to be lacking in particular, or mental distraction in general is causing you some grief. You should know that the meddling presence of Mercury in Capricorn will be gone by the last week of the month, leaving you to enjoy the positive influence of other planets. On 12th of the month the Sun enters Aquarius after a month in Capricorn. Both of these placements are favorable to you. You may feel the loss of some wind on your sails as an extremely happy period ends but the addition of some worries to your schedule is merely life encouraging you to step up a level. This constellation may mean an increased workload but you are more than capable of achieving your targets on time. Your enthusiastic energy will counter the lethargic impulses caused by other planetary movements. As Mercury moves into Aquarius your hard work begins to pay off. This will be a particularly favorable period for professional Taureans. You are your best self, learning new skills and putting them to work. Your talents are unlikely to go unnoticed. Professional opportunities abroad should not be ignored during this time. With Jupiter in Virgo since summer last year any travel may indicate luck and good financial outcomes for you. You may have been feeling the Romantic influence of Venus in Pisces since the New Year, lavish in this blissful escape and should not be afraid to stretch yourself for love – geographically, physically or emotionally. February is the perfect time to show somebody you care by pushing yourself to be the best partner you can be. You will not be disappointed in yourself if you test your limits this month, Taurus.
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