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Gemini Monthly Health Horoscope - November, 2015

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Gemini Monthly Health Horoscope

Bring that schedule back in place, the one you had been following earlier or else health issues might crop up. A regular exercise regime would be beneficial and try keeping off street food because you are prone to stomach problems this month. A word of caution for those who smoke and suffer from allergies; you need to drastically cut down on your smoking and switch to a healthier diet. The month ahead will be perfect for those of you complaining of frequent aches and pains, as they subside. Children may lose their focus towards studies which might arouse some irritation; calm down as things will improve soon. While the mothers can lay back and relax and not indulge in strenuous activities or a long gone sickness might crop up again.Elderly people should try not to strain their legs too much as it may cause complications later. Old folks should stick to their prescribed drugs and not be careless about it. Continue with your early morning walks and do not compromise with your rest hours.

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