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Gemini Daily Health Horoscope - Aug 5 2015, Wednesday

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Gemini Daily Health Horoscope

You might feel a bit short-tempered and may want to snap for no reason. Introspection would enable you to control your anger and release your stress gently without hurting others. It is better to tame your negative feelings and admit if you are feeling tense. This will enliven you, lighten your spirit and allow you to feel radiant again. Others will also appreciate your change of mood!

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All about Gemini

Blessed with the gift of the gab, Gemini, you wield the sword of communication so well that your enemies are left reeling under the impact of your witty use of words and as far as your friends are concerned, they often wis...

Gemini Celebrity

Gemini Celebrity Sonam Kapoor

To be born with a "Kapoor" surname gives you the instant right to be a star in the Bollywood fraternity! And if you add

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