Capricorn Sunsign

"Slow and steady wins the race" - this pretty much sums up a Capricorn's life. You carve your own niche in the world and despite being the proverbial slow runner you make sure that you win the race. And in the end it is the victory all that counts!

Your patience and perseverance is admirable. Not the ones to be cowed down by failures, your fortitude and ability to move past failures set you apart from the rest. You are the hero of your own life and come what may, you will never grovel to anyone to achieve your goals, rather would go for the long and thorny road and endure hardships- such is your sincerity towards your goals and of course your self-esteem would never permit you to resort to anything demeaning or unfair.

Each and every move you make to mount the high mountain to your goals has probably been well practiced and well thought of, so that even if the climb is steep you shall never fall and if you fall once, you make sure that the same is not repeated, you learn from your mistakes and never ever commit the same folly again.

You don't waste your energy in useless pursuits; you just don't have any time for anything else but your goals. At a party, you are not someone surrounded by hordes of people, but do have your own share of admirers with you, all thanks to your witty sense of humour.

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Personality Traits

Diligent, hardworking and loyal, Capricorns are the most reliable of all zodiac signs. You can always turn to a Capricorn when you need help. You endure hardship well and can be very tolerant, slogging your way up life's steepest climbs and climb you must. Although not exactly the centre of attraction at parties, you have a sense of humour that many find attractive. You are sure-footed and most of your productivity is the result of the confidence you bring to your work. You tend to spend far too much energy in being the achiever. You also tend to be moody and fairly self-destructive.

Work Profile

You are highly ambitious and will work your way up with patience and hard work - exactly like the mountain goat that represents your Zodiac sign. You have an admirable sense of discipline and a good head for managing finances. Most of you are self-contained and tend to carve your own way. Those who know you well will admire you for your sense of duty, your selflessness in service and your devotion.


Capricorn likes the simpler things in life and you can never impress a Capricorn with flashy stuff. They like people who are subtle in their approach and style. They appreciate honesty and efficiency. You value tradition and respect what your ancestors have left behind. You believe in continuing the legacy and enhancing your family name. You are close to your family and would do all you can to make your loved ones happy. You take pride in the achievements of your friends and family.


Capricorn dislikes attending parties where people engage in loud conversations. They prefer quiet places where they can relax without being disturbed. They don't like people who are careless and shallow. They expect everyone to stick to the truth and be fair. Capricorn does not like shopping unnecessarily. They are careful spenders and like to keep their expenses to the minimum.