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Nadi Dosha - One of the Reasons of an Unsuccessful Marriage

Nadi Dosha - One of the Reasons of an Unsuccessful Marriage

Having frequent rows after marriage? Or the minor clashes get turned into heated arguments? If this sounds familiar, then Nadi dosha could be the cause and this leads us to the next question that what exactly is Nadi dosha? The time and day when a person is born determines the Birth Star or Nakshatra. Each Nakshatra is divided into three Nadis:

First or Aadi nadi

Middle or Madhya nadi

Last or Antar nadi

Nadi is one of the eight Ashtas that are used to check the level of compatibility between partners. Total of 36 points are there out of which 8 are for Nadi dosha.  If the partners belong to different nadis, then they get full eight points otherwise they get zero out of eight and in that case, it is declared as a dosha. Heard of the phrase ‘Like poles repel and unlike poles attract each other’? This is what happens if two people, who are of the same nadi, marry each other. In such a case, both partners will have similar tendencies usually. For instance, both may have a fierce temper and that can lead to a strained relationship as both of them may have the tendency to argue which can cause major conflicts.

Astrologers consider it as an inauspicious dosha and it is believed that if Nadi dosha is found then that can lead to financial troubles for the couple, they may not be able to have a child and it can also cause the death of a partner. In the event of nadi dosha, the match isn’t usually given a go ahead.

However, there are certain exceptions such as if the nakshatra of the male and female of the same zodiac is different, that leads to the cancellation of this dosha. And if two people have the same nakshatra but different zodiacs, that is also seen as an exception. If both partners have strong ascendants then Nadi dosha won’t cause any harm.

If both have the same ascendant and ascendant Lord is also in a good position, it won’t create trouble. If the Lord of the fifth house, seventh house and Jupiter and Venus are in a good position, then also Nadi dosha shouldn’t be taken into consideration.

Remedies to overcome Nadi dosha

If two people of the same nadi want to get married, then nadi dosha nivarana must be performed. These include the recital of the Mahamrityunjaya Mantra. Donating some grains, cow, and Vedic priests’ clothes to a Brahmin is also helpful. 


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