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Gemini Weekly Overview Horoscope - Aug 24 2015, Monday - Aug 30 2015, Sunday

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Gemini Weekly Overview Horoscope

Dear Gemini, some challenges may be in store for you as the Sun marks its presence in Leo. On the professional side, you are likely to remain confused and unsure about what to do next, feel astroYogi astrologers. This week it is possible that you may be under a lot of stress and some complicated task may be entrusted on you. This may have a negative impact on your efficiency and the only way you can deal with this is by putting in extra hours of work to meet your deadline. Work related trips are also indicated, predict astroYogi astrologers. However, friends and family will be a source of relief for you. Domestic life will be harmonious and prosperous; your loved ones will support you in all your endeavors. When it comes to financial matters, you will be in a comfortable and secure position; this may even prove to be a good time for you to save money, feel astroYogi astrologers.

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