Sagittarius Sunsign

Your life is a marathon and you run fast, very fast indeed. You do not believe in slogging your entire life working in a routine and enjoy life as it comes. The one thing that you like the most is travelling; you are an explorer and love to visit places, especially off the beaten ones. Adventurous and free spirited, you live your life on your own terms and you keep changing these terms throughout your life.

Even though, you are a hit with your friends and socially active, people find your devil may care attitude a little too much to handle. But then you are the confident and jolly Sag, and you do whatever floats your boat, never giving two hoots about what others think of you. You talk fast and may even be labeled garrulous. Well, speaking something relevant is one thing and talking gibberish is another, and sometimes you do end up crossing the line (which is not so fine by the way!) between being just talkative and being outright foolish. Thus, a little bit of restraint on your part is advisable.

There is always a beaming smile on your face and you revel in the company of the bold and the courageous, as this is what you are. Underneath that adventure enthusiast is a possible academician who enjoys reading and writing but will not tell anyone because that's a secret.

You have an ambitious streak in you and when you aim for your goals you aim pretty high, without giving a though if they are actually achievable. Fortunately, you have the blessings of Jupiter with you that seem to guide you to all the good things in life and help you make right decisions. Lucky you!

When problems rock your boat, you become edgy and insecure. In times like these it is best not to turn to the counsel of others, for you yourself are quite capable to figure out a way; looking for outside help might not be your best bet. You are a loyal friend but somehow are able to make enemies too.

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Personality Traits

Sagittarians are ambitious - always aiming higher than the goal they initially set for themselves. You love challenges and are too full of energy to sit still. Although you see yourself more as a sportsperson than an intellectual, you secretly enjoy reading, writing, and exploring subjects unknown to you. You are a good learner and would do extremely well as an academician. You are quite popular, albeit a bit unconventional and are loyal to your friends. You are sometimes insecure and edgy. You tend to doubt your decisions and judgement. The advice is - trust your instinct.

Work Profile

Sagittarius, you thrive on challenges and you are quick- whether it is in your movement or in your speech. You like leaving the competition behind and working your way forward. You are highly ambitious and would aim only for the best. Sagittarius, your intellect helps you be the best at everything your do. People look up to you and are proud to follow your lead. Avoid going by what people tell you if you want to succeed in your work. A word of caution though -- your instincts may not work too well when you are betting, gambling and speculating, and you may end up losing heavily.


Sagittarius, you like to read and learn as much as you can! You are an avid reader and would stop in your tracks every time you see a bookstore. Travelling excites you and you are always ready to pack your bags and set out on a trip. Adventure thrills you and you are always trying one sport or the other. Your friends find it hard to keep up with you but they enjoy having you around. You like fast cars and sports and would ideally spend your time doing something adventurous.


Sagittarius, you don't like to take things slow. A quick pace is a must for you to keep things exciting. The moment things get a bit slow, you feel irritated and lose your cool. You don't have the patience to wait and anyone who keeps you waiting better be prepared with an explanation. You don't like routine jobs and have a craving for change. Never deceive a Sagittarian if you are not ready to face the consequences.