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Daily Overview
(Dec 23 2014, Tuesday)

As Moon transits into Capricorn today, you find your self to be in a jolly mood. Not only do you head out to socialize, but also charm everyone with your impeccable mannerism. However, some loss of valuable possession is indicated today. This loss could very well also be a result of your carelessness and not somebody else's doing. astroYogi astrologers advise you to not get unnecessarily suspicious. Just keep your wits about you when it comes to possessions that are very valuable to you today. In general today keep a mental inventory of your precious objects and make sure they are safe. Therefore, have fun but maintain caution! Pink is your lucky colour today. Time between 4:30 pm and 5:30 pm is indicated to be good for you.
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Gemini Lover
As Moon transits into Capricorn today, you find your self to
Gemini Lover
Although affectionate and loving, Sagittarians are not apt t
Gemini Career
You will do well in most occupations that require you to be
Gemini Traveller
You dislike going for a peaceful quiet holiday away from the
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