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Leo Monthly Horoscope - September, 2016

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Leo Monthly Horoscope

The Sun in Leo emboldens you. The fiery aspects of your personality will flourish. You will be a bright light drawing goodness. This is a great time to show the core of who you are. As the sun moves into Virgo on the 16th your income will rise and relationships that were previously flawed will flourish. Mercury enters Virgo on the 1st which adds discretion to your conversational skills. If a student, you will prosper in your studies. As Mercury turns retrograde in Leo on the 9th, you will find yourself needing to work on problematic elements of your character particularly anger. Vocationally, this is a favourable period. Lessen your ego and take this as a period of growth and greatness. Sometimes you need to temper yourself to elevate like a blade in the fire. Jupiter in Virgo indicates high expense, worry and monitoring at work. Venus in Virgo on the 1st suggests problems with the throat and skin. As Venus moves into Libra on the 18th, short trips are indicated. You will re-meet with an old and much fondly thought of friend or family member rekindling old bonds.

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