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Cancer Monthly Love Horoscope - October, 2016

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Cancer Monthly Love Horoscope

January brings out your romantic side. There are chances that you may develop a strong feeling of liking for someone among your close family friends. You may meet this person in a social setting. You also need to make sure that what you feel is strong enough to turn into a strong relationship. Romantic Venus will create many opportunities for you to explore your romantic side. Stay real and do not get deeply involved with your fantasies. As Mercury enters Aquarius on January 12, you attract many admirers with your sweet sensitivity at this time. This new relationship will make you feel emotionally secure and happy. The weekend brings some special moments which you`ll cherish all your life. Towards the middle of the month, with the full Moon in Cancer on January 15, there are indications that you will enjoy a spirited romance. This is no time to feel territorial and look for privacy or space. Instead, use this opportunity to strengthen your bond by developing a good understanding with your beloved. The month-end, as Venus turns direct in Capricorn on January 31st, it is indicated that your professional responsibilities will keep you away from your partner. So, enjoy whatever time you get to spend with your mate

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All about Cancer

Homebodies of the zodiac, the crabs have an incessant need to love and be loved. Their life revolves around their family and being the genial beings that they are it almost seems criminal to be disrespectful with them. Sur...

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