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Mita Bhan

Fascinated by the Tarot since my childhood in South East of Asia, I undertook the study of this popular tool of divination and self-discovery 7 years ago with the valuable guidance of senior Alternative Healers and Tarot readers in Europe and Asia. I am a US certified Tarot Reader, a member of the World Tarot Network and a certified Reiki (Usui) Healer. I have read film stars, artistes, professionals, entrepreneurs, homemakers and students in South Asia, South East Asia, North America and Australia. My articles on Tarot and Alternative Healing have been published in local weeklies. My Tarot forecast column appears as a regular in the Dance of Life, a spiritual magazine geared towards empowering the individual. I have also appeared on FM Radiocity and am a regular speaker at various public forums. When I’m not reading at my healing studio in DLF City or at the Karmic Research Centre New Delhi, I work as a communications consultant and lead workshops on self-discovery.

Time Availability :Mon to Sun- 7.30am-9am and Mon to Fri- 9pm- 10pm

Language :English

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  By meena Kapoor 24 Dec 2015

It is a pleasure speaking to Mita! She is really good.

  By Kanika Sharma 24 Dec 2015

  By S 04 Jan 2016

She is really polite and pretty good. It was a good session.

  By Kanika Sharma 24 Dec 2015

very straightforward and confident..loved the way she spoke..would definitly get back to her