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How Planets Indicate Conflicts or Conjugal Bliss in a Marriage

How Planets Indicate Conflicts or Conjugal Bliss in a Marriage

Marriage signifies life-long commitment of two people towards each other. Who doesn’t want love, happiness and marital bliss in their lives but at times, certain problems or conflicts that take place in a relationship can affect the peace and harmony. Even after numerous efforts by the couple itself or taking help from relationship counsellors, nothing seems to work out. This is where astrology shouldn’t be ignored. By analyzing the natives’ birth charts, an experienced astrologer can find out the yogas that must be creating problems in the married life of the couple. Let us take a look at the yogas which can affect one’s marital life:

  • The seventh house in a kundli relates to marriage and other issues pertaining to marriage such as family of the spouse, spouse’s qualifications, status of marriage etc. Seventh house is also concerned with factors such as delay in marriage. If a Paap Grah (Mars, Saturn, Rahu or Ketu) or other debilitated planets aspect this house, that can create conflicts in marriage. For instance, Saturn and Rahu’s presence in the seventh house is considered inauspicious.
  • If the native has Sun in the seventh house, then his spouse is likely to be beautiful and learned but if any benefic planet doesn’t aspect the seventh house then that can lead to troubles.
  • If in a kundli, Mars is present in the first, fourth, seventh or the tenth house then that leads to Manglik Dosha and this can lead to tensions, misunderstandings and conflicts in marital life.  It can also cause delays in marriage and affect the health of either partner. It can also lead to separation or death in certain cases.
  • Rahu, Sun and Saturn’s presence in the seventh and tenth houses in a horoscope can cause a lot of domestic tensions. If Rahu is the only planet in the seventh house and Saturn is the one in the fifth house, it can lead to divorce. In this case, Saturn in Lagnesh or a debilitated Jupiter in Lagna doesn’t augur well.

Now let’s take a look at few auspicious planetary positions that indicate a blissful married life:

  • When the Lord of the seventh house and the ninth house conjunct in a Kendra and when either of the three—Mercury, Jupiter or Venus or all three of them are in an exalted state then that ensures peace and harmony on the domestic front.
  • While forming Panch Mahapurusha Yoga in either of the partners’ kundli, if Jupiter or Venus aspect any Trikon then that leads to a happy marital life.
  • If an exalted Saptmesh conjuncts with Lagnesh in a Kendra or a Trikon then that leads to conjugal bliss.

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