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Have You Connected With Your Spiritual Side?

Have You Connected With Your Spiritual Side?

We may not realize it, but we tend to neglect our spiritual side. Our surroundings constantly demand a lot from us every day, and the pressure to excel is always hounding us, be it in terms of school, career or even relationships. It is because of this that we are likely to suffer from a lot of emotional and psychological stress. We are not just human beings with a mind and a body to function and lead our day to day lives, each one of us also has a soul and a spirit. It is prudent to remember that the soul and the spirit are intertwined and should be treated as one. We feel because of our soul, and our spirit allows us to connect to the rest of the world.

Our spiritual side dwells within us but we need to find ways to activate it. This aids us to escape from feeding on our negative emotions and to live life to its fullest. astroYogi takes a look at some of the ways to strengthen and activate our spiritual side:

  • Surround yourself with positive energy and encouragement- One of the most noticeable traits of spiritual people is that they are always happy with what life has to offer. You will hardly notice them feeling stressed out or fatigued. This is the importance of keeping a positive attitude. It filters away all the negative energy because in the end, it is your thoughts and feelings that will determine your spirituality. This is the reason why it is so important to be careful about the company you keep or the books you read or even the music that you listen to.

  • Meditate away your stress and anxiety- Everyone leads a busy life and this is one of the prime reasons for you to take some time out for meditation. When you meditate, you harmonize the vibration of your heart and it helps you manage any sort of anxiety or stress. It is believed and many have in fact experienced that regular mediation has a positive impact on your health. As it helps you attain inner peace and attain joy, you feel happy and eventually it gives a boost to your immune system. With meditation, you can constantly release peaceful and positive vibrations from deep within your heart to the environment. Buddhists believe in hours of meditation followed with hours of chanting for ultimate happiness. Likewise, every religion provides some means to meditate. Maybe reading the bible or chanting yoga mantras or reading the namaz five times a day. All of these are also ways of meditation.

  • Find just the right balance- Can you imagine a life without any order or any purpose? Finding the perfect balance is an integral part of becoming more efficient and productive. But more than this, it also helps in time management and most importantly in keeping a positive attitude. Everyone has their own personal struggles to deal with, which is why it is so important to make a clear evaluation of what you want from your life. This can have a drastic impact in our lives as we become stronger and have the ability to resist any negative thought that may try to enter our mind.

  • There are no mistakes, just lessons in life- You need to realize that activating your spiritual side does not mean that you need to be perfect. You just need to accept your mistakes and move on rather than beating yourself about things said or done in the past. “To err is human”, it is human tendency to mess up things sometimes, but we need to accept these mistakes as a part of life. Living spiritually means to choose to learn from such mistakes and make a conscious effort not to repeat them.

As simple as it may seem but once you are on the path of spirituality, you will begin to experience positive things in your life. Apart from the numerous health benefits that you will come across, the road to spirituality will help you become emotionally stable and benefit you in every aspect in your life. 


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