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Getting What You Want in 2017

Getting What You Want in 2017

Every New Year is a chance to make things better for ourselves. Most of us take resolutions and very few of us can stick to them. Behind every resolution, there is an urge to bring a positive change in our lives. We are a progressive race and all of us set various ambitious goals no matter how big or small, few hits and few misses. Our efforts are indeed a major factor in realizing those goals but at times, efforts alone cannot get us there. The stars play an important role in deciding how far or how short we fall in achieving our goals.

With New Year 2017 just around the corner, astroYogi astrologers have come up with a brief guide for you on how to please the stars at the onset of the year to have a blessed and successful year ahead. Follow the guide based on your sun sign.

At the onset of the New Year, the lord of Aries – planet Mars (Mangal), will be settling in Aquarius which is at the 11th place. According to astroYogi astrologers, to make sure the year is benevolent and all goes well, worship Lord Hanuman at the start of the year. The coming year will be beneficial to you.

Taurus is ruled by Venus which will also be placed in Aquarius and this placement indicates a very auspicious time. With Venus placed in the benefic house, this period will provide you with a lot of energy, happiness and prosperity. You can start the New Year with seeking blessings from worshiping Goddess. You will witness the ill-effects of afflicted Saturn; astroYogi astrologers recommend you to worship Lord Shani on Saturdays.

The Lord of Gemini - Mercury, being present in Sagittarius in conjunction with the Sun, indicates a very auspicious time for Gemini natives. They will get better health, wisdom, knowledge, wealth and success in business. Big businesses are likely to show a lot of profit. But since Mercury is in retrograde, things may also move slowly. It is suggested to start the year with the worship of Lord Ganesh. The Lord will bless you through the year.

The lord of Cancer – Moon being placed in Capricorn indicates success for you. You could be blessed with sudden wealth and fame. You’ll have many creative ideas, ambitious goals and targets flowing in your mind. Worship Lord Shiva at the start of the New Year to achieve what you could not in 2016.

These are very generalized suggestions based on the sun signs. A more personalized guidance based on your birth chart will give a much clear picture of your circumstances and their required solutions. Click here to seek guidance from an astrologer now!

With Sun – the lord of Leo, placed in Sagittarius, you can expect success, accomplishment, confidence, money and fame. Malefic effects of Saturn affliction that you have been experiencing for a long time, will come to an end this year and work that had stagnated, will start moving again. Start the year by chanting the ‘Aditya Hridya Stotra’. 

Virgo’s lord is Mercury, whose placement in Sagittarius is likely to bring success especially for female Virgo natives. Mercury’s conjunction with the Sun multiplies the chances of great achievements on the professional front. Start the New Year with lord Ganesha’s blessings by chanting the ‘Ganesh Stotra’.

Since the Lord of Libra, Venus will be placed in Aquarius, this year could be full of success in all areas of your life. It has been stressful for you till now because of the afflicted Saturn, but now problems would be sorting themselves out. Start this New Year with blessings from your parents and teachers, you will reap the benefits throughout the year. 

Mars, the lord of Scorpio, will be placed in Aquarius. You’ll need to be careful about your health and improve your everyday eating habits. This year you may get rid of your debts of many years. Worship Lord Ram by chanting a few shlokas of ‘Ram Charit Manas’. 

The Lord of Sagittarius, Jupiter will be settled in Virgo. The First half of the year will proceed normally. In the latter half of the year, as Jupiter will progress, you can expect a promotion at work or a change in your work-place. Also, there are signs that you could move away from home. Start the New Year with the blessings of Lord Vishnu

During the first half of the year, the Lord of Capricorn - Saturn will be placed in Scorpio. By the end of January, you will start experiencing the effects of afflicted Saturn. This period will be fruitful for people who are going through the second stage of afflicted Saturn period. To avoid the malefic effects of Saturn’s placement, worship Shani dev every Saturday. Worship lord Shani at the beginning of the year and the New Year will be prosperous.

With the Lord of Aquarius, Saturn, being seated in Scorpio, the beginning of the year is expected to be normal, but as soon as the Saturn will change its placement, there could be a change of your profession or the place of work. Start the New Year with offering prayers to Lord Shani. 

The Lord of Pisces, Jupiter, will be placed Virgo - the 7th house. This placement will bring luck to those seeking a government job. You can expect all kind of support from your elders. Be cautious about your opponents. Chant mantras of Goddess ‘Bagla Mukhi’ at the beginning of the year and you will be protected from all sorts of negative energies.


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