Seema Midha

Dr.Seema midha is a renowned multitalented & multifaceted personality. She has traveled the world shaping the lives of millions through new age therapies: tarot, numbers, crystal ball, feng shui, color therapy, angel’s healing, reiki, pranic healing, creative meditation and much more.
She is world renowned for her par excellence achievement in the ‘TAROT WORLD’ and is aptly known as “QUEEN OF TAROT CARDS” .She is a member of the American tarot association.
She has many first‘s to her credit in the field of TAROT in India such as:
1. Tarot DVD “Enlightenment through tarot”
2. Mystical tarot deck 78 cards with book
3. Mystical tarot essentials
4. Tarot forecast 2009 (1

Reports provided by Seema Midha
Seema Midha Profession/Career Spread
INR 3000.00 - $ 50.00
If you are you indecisive about your career/job decisions, these Seven cards spread give you to take right career choice. Try the Profession/ career spread now.
Seema Midha Know About Your Wealth
INR 3000.00 - $ 50.00
Want to know about your wealth? These Five cards will give you fair idea about your past, present and future wealth conditions.
Seema Midha Check Your Soul Mate
INR 3000.00 - $ 50.00
This Eight card spread gives you an complete analysis on relationship, compatibility and future relationship. It can help you find out where and who your soulmate is. When can you find him/her? All the questions related to your soulmate gets answered here.
Seema Midha Past, Present and Future Spread
INR 3000.00 - $ 50.00
Want to know about your past, present and future? A three-card spread technique used by Seema Medha will answer your queries. Try it now.
Seema Midha Compatible Relationship
INR 3000.00 - $ 50.00
A unique method of Numerology and Tarot reveals an insight of your relationship through vibrating numbers and sharing planet power of each other.
Seema Midha Lucky Mobile No.
INR 1100.00 - $ 19.00
A unique method to know more about yourself from your cell number itself and how does it affect you and your life.Take the Lucky mobile no. report prepared by Seema Medha, a renowned tarot card reader.

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