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  • Ritu kapoor

    I have a certified qualification from the California Institute of Fengshui and have over 12 years of experienc

    Charges: ₹80/Min
  • Acharya Ramakant

    With having 8 years of vast experience in the field of Jyotisham and Vastu, Acharya Ramakant Pandit ji became

    Charges: ₹9/Min
  • Radha Charan

    Acharya Radha Charan ji is a well know jyotish acharya with having 5 years of experience in the field of jyoti

    Charges: ₹15/Min
  • Acharya Amriteshwar

    AMRITESHWAR ANAND JI has been practicing Astrology and Sadhna for over 25 years now which he has learnt from g

    Charges: ₹40/Min
  • Pt. Amarmani Tripathi

    Pt. Amar Mani Tripathi is a respectable man well known in the field of Vedic Astrology. He gained his knowledg

    Charges: ₹30/Min
  • Acharya Sachin Gupta

    Greetings to Maa Rajrajeshwari and my Gurus. They have helped me immensely dispel the darkness from my life. I

    Charges: ₹60/Min
  • Acharya Kamal Kant

    An Astrologer is someone who can tell everything about your life with just your birth timings. With my 25 year

    Charges: ₹40/Min
  • Acharya Sandeep Yati

    Born in a Brahmin family near Varanasi had keen interest in the predictive science of astrology since childhoo

    Charges: ₹35/Min
  • Chandresh Sharmaa

    Born in Sharma Family in a Village close by Noida, Chandresh Sharmaa completed his school life from Delhi Publ

    Charges: ₹100/Min
  • Sudhakar PremJee

    Jyotish Sudhakar PremJee is a renowned astrologer with over forty five years of experience. He is known for hi

    Charges: ₹30/Min
  • Aacharya Deepak Joshi

    Deepak Joshi is a young and dynamic Astrologer and Vastu Consultant. He belongs to family of Astrologers and

    Charges: ₹40/Min
  • Acharya Dwivedi

    R L Dwivedi has been awarded Scholarship for the year 2012 for India by the Robin Armstrong School of Astrolog

    Charges: ₹20/Min
  • Aacharya Ram Kumar

    I am a Vedic astrologer and have been honoured with the Raj Jyotish Upadhi. My articles were published on Saub

    Charges: ₹80/Min
  • Acharya Pramod Shastri

    ACHARYA PRAMOD SHASHTRI hails from a Brahmin family. Although he was a student of Sanskrit his interest lies i

    Charges: ₹30/Min
  • Astro Sarita Gupta

    I am a renowned astrologer, an outstanding palmist, a great dealer in gemology, numerology, and a tarot Card r

    Charges: ₹30/Min
  • Acharya Ashish Dangwal

    I am a Vedic astrologer and I have been practicing astrology for the last 10 years now. I did my Acharya from

    Charges: ₹20/Min
  • Acharya S S Joshi

    Acharya Shanti Prasad Joshi ji is a well know jyotish acharya with having 8 years of experience in the field o

    Charges: ₹20/Min

    Capt. PRATIMA is a well known name in Astrology and Counseling. She is called PRATIMA DIDI by everyone with lo

    Charges: ₹40/Min
  • Acharya Rashmi Sharma

    Acharya Rashmi Sharma is a well known Vedic Astrologer for almost 15 years now. After doing her postgraduation

    Charges: ₹40/Min
  • Anhad Kashyap

    My interest in physics, theology, music and consciousness led me towards a quest to understand the mechanics o

    Charges: ₹45/Min
  • Acharya Nanak Dhawan

    Acharya Nanak Dhawan is a renowned Vedic astrologer. After completing his Masters in Mathematics, he complet

    Charges: ₹40/Min
  • Acharya Prabhakar

    Acharya Prabhakar is a well-known astrologer with more than 13 years of experience. His educational qualificat

    Charges: ₹40/Min
  • Astro Dr Rupa Batra

    International Celebrity Consultant of Vaastu, Feng-Shui and Nameology, Dr Rupa Batra, is engaged in spreading

    Charges: ₹300/Min
  • Dr. Kanhaiyya Gairola

    ‘Think positive & the things will be positive’
    With this motive I am doing my spiritual work in Astrology

    Charges: ₹75/Min
  • Ma Prem Ritambhara

    Ma Prem Ritambhara is widely travelled and is the talented daughter and associate of the well known Tarot Card

    Charges: ₹100/Min
  • Alka Astro

    A well-known renowned established astrologer and spiritual guide in India showing the right and virtuous path

    Charges: ₹40/Min
  • Acharya Ramesh Prasad

    Acharya Remesh Pradesh is having 6 years experience in Indian astrology. In order to pusue his passion for ast

    Charges: ₹8/Min
  • Pt. Mahender Sharma

    Pt. Mahender Sharma is a well known name in the world of Astrology. He was born in Delhi. Coming from a family

    Charges: ₹30/Min

    Acharya Radha Nand Nath is a renowned astrologer having several years of experience. His qualifications speak

    Charges: ₹25/Min

    My expertise in Astrology fields have helped thousands of my clients for the last over 13 years. For my contri

    Charges: ₹60/Min
  • Acharya K.N. Joshi

    I am a well known astrologer with a practical experience of more than six years. With an M.A in Acharya, I am

    Charges: ₹20/Min
  • Aacharya Aaditya

    I belong to a Brahmin family and I specilaize in Ganit and Phalit Jyotish. Im a certified Astrologer from Bhar

    Charges: ₹40/Min
  • Acharya Shailesh

    I am a Vedic astrologer with an experience of more than seventeen years. Astrology was my passion from childho

    Charges: ₹40/Min
  • Acharya Ganesh Saklani

    Acharya Ganesh Saklani is in the professioin of Jyotisham for the last 7 years. After completing his Masters

    Charges: ₹8/Min
  • Acharya Rahul Sharma

    Pandit Rahul Sharma has done his batchelors degree from Lalbahadur Shastri Sanskrit Vidyalaya, Delhi on Indian

    Charges: ₹20/Min

    I had started learning astrology when I was a 17 year old. I had my formal education in astrology from The Ind

    Charges: ₹30/Min
  • Preeti Poojara

    I am a tarot reader, Astrologer and holistic healer. I offer online Tarot readings and Horoscope readings. My

    Charges: ₹20/Min
  • Pt Anil Dutt Sharma

    I have more than 10 years of experience in Astrology. My grandfather was a Raj Jyotishi and my family has been

    Charges: ₹45/Min
  • Divya Chugh

    I am Certified Tarot Consultant(Tarot Certification Board of America),Certified Reiki Healer (ICRT.In.),Certif

    Charges: ₹80/Min
  • Preeti Kapoor

    I was fascinated with Tarot reading since childhood and that is why I started working as a Tarot reader when I

    Charges: ₹30/Min
  • Rajguru Pandit R K Joshi

    I am continuosly coming on Sahara NCR channel from 08:15 to 09:00 on date with fate program. I am also a cele

    Charges: ₹40/Min
  • Guruji Nagesh

    I learned predictive astrology at a very young age and this ancient occult science has been practiced by my an

    Charges: ₹40/Min
  • Pd. Sanjay Sharma

    Renowned astrologer Pt. Sanjay Sharma was born in Nangal Gram near Bandiqui District Jaipur. He was interested

    Charges: ₹60/Min
  • Anita Nigam

    Anita Nigam is an internationally acclaimed Astrologer, globally recognized for her accurate predictions on di

    Charges: ₹50/Min
  • Sukhwinder Sharma

    My area of expertise is vedic astrology,Prashna Shastra Lal kitab Remedies and vastu. I belong to a learned br

    Charges: ₹30/Min
  • Sitaram Astrology

    I am one of the most famous and well known astrologers of Andhra Pradesh. I belong to an orthodox Brahmin fami

    Charges: ₹60/Min
  • Pandit Lokesh Jagirdar

    My expertise is in Predictive Astrology of Horoscope, ShadBal and remedial, to the point analysis of various f

    Charges: ₹35/Min
  • Yoginder Pal

    Astrology is my old passion; I have keen interest in Vedic studies like Jyotish, Ayurved, Vastushastr and holi

    Charges: ₹50/Min
  • Acharya Manish Sharma

    Acharya Manish Sharma is a well-known Vedic astrologer and Vaastu Shastri, with an experience of more than eig

    Charges: ₹40/Min
  • Ajai Bhambi

    Pt. Ajai Bhambi has been involved with astrology for the last 30 years. He has done MA in Economics and is a l

    Charges: ₹300/Min
  • Dr. Priyanka K Kumaar

    As an International Destiny guide I’ve always been drawn to the occult and paranormal, experiencing Angel's co

    Charges: ₹90/Min
  • Astrologer Karan Sharma

    Acharya Karan Sharma is a gold medalist who spent many years in detailed research and study of Astrology, Nume

    Charges: ₹50/Min
  • Acharya Chaya

    Acharya Chaya is the daughter of the renowned astrologer Late Pt. Krishan Kumar Ashant who has written 9 book

    Charges: ₹40/Min
  • Arjun Chugh

    Arjun Chugh has an experience in astrology for the last 12 years. During this time he has gathered in depth kn

    Charges: ₹30/Min
  • Astrologer Peeyush Vashisth

    Astrologer Peeyush Vashisth is a well-known, young and dynamic astrologer. He is also a writer and has complet

    Charges: ₹40/Min
  • Pt. Shiv Dutt Dave

    Pt. Shiv Dutt Dave is a very highly qualified astrologer having more than 90000 happy & satisfied clients all

    Charges: ₹40/Min
  • Pt.Sivanarayanan Panicker

    Pt. Sivanarayanan Panicker is a well-known Kerala traditional Astrologer, practiced as Guru Kula systems with

    Charges: ₹40/Min
  • Dr. Pankaj Verma

    Dr. Pankaj Verma is a World Renowned Vedic Astrologer, also known as the REMEDY KING. He has 22 years of exper

    Charges: ₹50/Min

    Prominent Astrologer, Brij Mohan Mishra has been interested in astrology since his childhood. He has been prac

    Charges: ₹20/Min
  • Mita Bhan

    Fascinated by the Tarot since my childhood in South East of Asia, I undertook the study of this popular tool o

    Charges: ₹80/Min
  • Analyst Sachin Bholle

    Sachin Bholle, a very famous and renowned name in Indian’s great science Astrology, is known for his researche

    Charges: ₹110/Min