Libra Sunsign

Ever so charming and beautiful, Libra, you can get people to do favours for you by simply flashing that gorgeous irresistible smile of yours. Now how many people can boast of something like this? Libra is the 7th sign of the zodiac, but hold the numero uno position when it comes to making use of their charm (they have oodles of it!) to make people fall for them. Manipulative you aren't, but clever you definitely are!

Blessed with an intelligent mind and a keen sense of justice, you stand for honesty and equality and harbor a special dislike for morally corrupt individuals. Decision making is a difficult task for you; you take very long to reach a decision and seem to be perpetually confused about what would be best.

Just like everything in your life, you maintain a tight rein on your feelings; you are never too happy, too sad, too excited or too angry. Your neutral approach to everything does not however always work in your favour. There are times when you need to move to the left or right side of the road but are unable to do so because you love the middle position so much. You stay away from conflicts and are inclined on making the world a better and beautiful place.

Vanity is a major concern for you. You take great care to look your best and keep your house nice and tidy. Your mind is often in a calm and relaxed state but when it comes to making a choice, it goes into a state of frenzy and recovery is not immediate. Mostly you are cheery and happy, but when the scales tilt a little bit you tend to become broody and vain, however almost magically, you bounce back and are frolicking and having fun as if nothing ever happened.

You have an artistic bent of mind and are also disposed to day dreaming. Often accused of being lazy, the truth is that you put a lot of hard work in whatever you do, resulting in a tired mind that needs to recuperate.

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Personality Traits

Generous, warm and loving, Librans make excellent companions and there will never be a dull moment with them around. They make good hosts and their parties are known to be quite entertaining. Librans like to impress and they can do the unthinkable just to grab attention. The biggest flaw in the Libran personality is indecisiveness. You can never make up your mind about what you want. You can spend the entire day weighing the pros and cons and still remain confused about the decision. Was it the right thing to do? Will it work? Such questions plague you and may sometimes even lead to sleepless nights. You will be frequently called upon to settle disputes, something you will do with a keen sense of justice. You can provide a heroic, gung-ho display in defending what you judge as right, and then when everyone agrees, you jump ships, raise the pirates flag and become the devil's advocate -- such is the nature of a Libran.

Work Profile

Libra, you are known for your elegant taste and you do everything in great style. You make a good critic and will also do well as a lawyer. Your sense of justice helps you take the right decisions. You may take time but finally, you take a fair decision that makes everyone happy. You make a good representative for your company and network well. You manage things well and it's hard to find flaws in your work.


The Libran personality is drawn towards all things fashionable. They like to follow the trends and keep up with the latest fashion. Even when no one's around to notice, Libra will be elegant and well dressed. Bad hair days are not so common for a Libra. They like to surround themselves with pleasant people and spend their time socializing. Meeting new people and shopping excites the outgoing personality of a Libran.


Libra does not like to be stuck in a tough spot where they are asked to make a decision. You are most apt to postpone difficult decisions for as long as possible than face unsavoury situations. Untidy surroundings are a turn off and Libra feels suffocated when they are being controlled. A relationship without space cannot work out especially when your mate is a Libran!