Aries Sunsign

The leading sign of the zodiac, Aries has the passion and sincerity to achieve success and during their journey to the top they make sure that they leave behind clear footsteps so that others can follow them. You are aware of your capabilities and very well know where you stand amongst your peers. Of course, you have worked very hard to achieve your goals in life. Trickery and deceit are looked down upon by the rams and hard work, as far as they are considered is the only key to success.

Aries, you love freedom because you probably love yourself too much and can never bear someone else taking charge of the reins of your life. Not exactly the most famous person around, you are more like the friend in need, troubleshooting your way into people's hearts.

Even if you think that a task is difficult, you never shy away from it, in fact you thrive on challenges. Your audacity speaks volume about why you should be chosen as the team captain and you play the part of the leader to the T. When someone doubts your caliber, you actually take great pleasure in proving him or her wrong. But when you aren't you tend to become too angry and lose control. Your brazenness might be a little too much for some people but you are what you are and mincing words is not what you do; when you really want to say something you will put your point across, no matter what others think about it. This however does not mean that you are rude and inconsiderate. Arians are generally warm and gentle beings but fall prey to impulsiveness. You need to keep a check on your tongue and temper, which are likely to bring you down and create a negative image. When in charge of a particular team, you make sure that you do not let your team mates down, but when you think that they aren't working hard enough, there might be altercations and conflicts, which are best avoided.

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Personality Traits

Honesty is a trait you admire and respect. For you, speaking your mind without mincing words is important. In uneasy situations Aries, you find it hard to hide your displeasure and a quick outburst is all you need to calm your nerves. You are very particular about what you want. Determination marks everything you do and accomplishing your tasks comes fairly easy to you. Aries, you certainly don't like to be ignored and when you work with a team, you demand attention! Ironically, it is when you feel rejected, that you are able to contribute your best - perhaps more out of a need to prove to yourself than to be a winner.

Work Profile

Once a team member, you will never let your partners down. Your element fire makes you hotheaded and impulsive. Good decisions, however, can be taken only with a cool head. Aries, you start off things or projects on a grand note but when it comes to executing you need someone else to tie up the loose ends. Once you develop qualities which help you stay calm, there's no stopping you Aries!


Aries likes to be appreciated and adored. You like to surround yourself with likeminded people who understand your feelings. The Aries personality is attracted towards anything new. You like to go on a shopping spree and spend cheerfully on new stuff, especially clothes. You love well prepared dishes and like to experiment with new cuisines all the time!


Aries dislikes being ignored. There is nothing worse for Aries than being on a date with someone who's not paying attention. You tend to lose your temper and end up saying some rash things. You don't like it when others do better than you. You love to be the best at everything and would not even wish your friends to outdo you. You do not like to admit your mistakes and have a hard time confessing your true feelings.