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Preeti Kapoor

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I was fascinated with Tarot reading since childhood and that is why I started working as a Tarot reader when I grew up. I undertook the study of this popular tool of divination and self-discovery a year ago with the valuable guidance of senior Alternative Healers and Tarot readers in Asia. I am a certified Tarot Card Reader (CPTR) and Certified Tarot Consultant (CTC) from ANAGHA and#8211;The Board of Senior Certified Tarot readers, Angel Therapists, pyramid vaastu consultants and Chakra healers. I specialize in questions regarding relationship issues, love, marriage, career, money, personal growth, emotional trauma, goals creation, spiritual growth and much more.

Time Availability :I will be available 6 days a week from Monday to Saturday from 12:00 2:00, and then 4.00 to 7.30 p.m.

Time Availability :English

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  • Preeti Kapoor Tarot Ask a question ₹ 900.00 / $ 15.00

    Sometimes knowing the right answer can turn the tide in your favour! Worried about your career or your love life? Ask that one important question from renowned astrologer Preeti Kapoor, concerning any area of your life and take a step in the right direction!

  • Preeti Kapoor Tarot Love Reading ₹ 2400.00 / $ 40.00

    Are problems in your love life giving you sleepless nights? Pining over a lost love? Unsure of your current mate? Will you ever find true love in life? Order the Tarot Love Reading Report by Preeti Kapoor and unveil your future!

  • Preeti Kapoor Will Love grow? ₹ 500.00 / $ 8.33

    While love is indeed a beautiful feeling, the rush of new love and romance may fizzle out or completely fade away after some time. But it does not mean that it is all over. Or does it? Will your love grow and stand the test of time. Order the special Love Tarot Reading by Preeti Kapoor and find out! Is your relationship for the long haul? Know what the stars have to say!

  • Preeti Kapoor Are we star crossed? ₹ 600.00 / $ 10.00

    No matter how hard you try, there are always problems causing turbulence in your love life? Is your relationships destined to doom? Will your love overcome all odds and grow strong? Tarot Reader Preeti Kapoor can help you know. Order this special Report and find out the secrets of your destiny. What does the stars have in store for you? Will you have your happily ever after? Check with renowned Tarot Reader, Preeti Kapoor and find out!

  • Preeti Kapoor Will my lover return? ₹ 500.00 / $ 8.33

    They say everything happens for a reason. Were you destined to meet someone just to forget that person? May be Yes and may be No. Perhaps, destiny has special plans for you. Tarot Reader Preeti Kapoor unveils your destiny’s plans to help you find out if the love of your life will ever come back. Pining over a lost love? Preeti Kapoor can help you know whether that one person you love the most in the world will ever come back to you.

  • Preeti Kapoor Love’s future path? ₹ 500.00 / $ 8.33

    The future is always a mystery! Well, not anymore. Map out the future of your love life with this special report by Preeti Kapoor. Will the future be as rosy as the present or is it a thorny road ahead of you. Order this report and find out! What do the cards indicate for the future of your love life? Check with Tarot Reader Preeti Kapoor to know the answers.

  • Preeti Kapoor Love’s truth: does he feel the same? ₹ 500.00 / $ 8.33

    Get butterflies in your stomach each time you see him? Do the same butterflies flutter inside him too? Is the one you are in love with in love with you too? Order this special report by renowned Tarot Reader Preeti Kapoor and find out. And remember, the truth isn’t always bitter, it can be sweet too! Head over heels in love with someone? Does he feel the same about you? Order this report and find out.

  • Preeti Kapoor Is it a love triangle? ₹ 500.00 / $ 8.33

    Triangles in mathematics aren’t an iota as disconcerting as triangles in relationships. Is your love life on the rocks because of a third person? Is there really someone else in your lover’s life or are you just overthinking things? Tarot Reader Preeti Kapoor can help you know. Find out whether a third person is holding your love life to hostage? Order this report and find out now!

  • Preeti Kapoor True Love or lust? ₹ 500.00 / $ 8.33

    Love has myriad forms. It could be intense and passionate or like a gentle breeze that makes you forget everything and fills your life with happiness. However, sometimes, a longing for the other person without an actual connection of the souls may feel like love, when it is actually just lust. Are you just lusting after someone or is it really true love? Renowned Tarot Reader Preeti Kapoor can help you know. It is easy to confuse lust with love. Is this really love or just a mere attraction that will be over sooner than it began? Order this report and find out!

  • Preeti Kapoor Shall we renew love? ₹ 500.00 / $ 8.33

    Was parting ways with your ex a huge mistake? Do you still harbor feelings for them? Perhaps, it isn’t too late and getting back together is what you should do or maybe not. Clear all your doubts and free yourself from worries with this special reading by Tarot Reader Preeti Kapoor! Should you, should you not. Let the expert advice of renowned Tarot Reader Preeti Kapoor help you come out of this dilemma!