A lot of importance is attached to Rudrakshas in Astrology, believed to be the tears of Lord Shiva, primarily because of their magical healing powers. The Rudraksha beads have the power to change the fortunes of a person. They are differentiated on the basis of naturally occuring lines present on them. A Rudraksha bead with no such line is known as One Mukhi or One Faced, with one line and two faces is known as Two faced or Do Mukhi, so on and so forth. It is worth noting that a Rudraksha should not be bought without prior advice from a trustworthy astrology, as wearing the wrong Rudraksha bead can have detrimental effects on the wearer. A detailed interpretation of your chart can tell which Rudraksha will be best for you. Along with gemstones, these beads have enabled people lead a happier and prosperous life. You too can benefit from their power. Shop now and step into a happier and prosperous life!

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