astroYogi brings you the widest collection of powerful Malas. Crystal Malas help you attain spiritual enlightenment along with fame and fortune, Tulsi Mala helps improve concentration and the health of the wearer, Moti Mala brings peace and helps calm the mind. Vedic Astrology attaches a lot of significance to them, because of their ability to keep the mind and soul calm and peaceful. They are believed to help the person acheive happiness and success in life. While wearing a Mala is enough to invoke the blessings of the almighty, their benefits are multiplied manifold by chanting Mantras with them. Together, their powerl to bring in positive changes is multiplied manifold. Also, since Mantras are required to be chanted a particular number of times, these Malas help facilitate the chanting of Mantras. Apart from that, they are useful tools for meditation and help touch base with our higher self. Order Malas from astroYogi and usher peace and happiness in your life!

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