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Myths & Truth of Kundali & Ashtakoot/Guna Matching

In marriage related issues, Indians rely on Kundali(birth chart) matching to a great extent. Even those who never go to an astrologer visit one when it’s a matter of kundali matching for marriage. It is so deep in the psyche that people just do not like to go ahead without getting a Kundali matching done. Even in love marriages which are approved by parents, people get their Kundalis matched.

However, there are certain myths surrounding the kundali.

1. The first is that people think that Kundali matching is only Ashtakoot/Guna Matching and nothing else. The higher the points gained more assured the happy life is. This is only a myth.

2. The second myth is that people only ask for Mangal Dosha existence in the horoscopes to be matched with the belief that if it is there is one and not in the other, the one with the Mangal Dosha will become a widow or widower.

It can be understood that the common man would not know the wrong beliefs they have, because they do not know how astrology works.

Lets then break these myths.

Ashtakoot or Guna matching is actually, matching of 8 criteria, which all are derived from the Janma Nakshatra (Moon Star/Asterism) and its division, along with a study of the moon sign.

The 8 criteria for Ashta Koot or Guna matching are as follows

  1. Varna – matching the castes
  2. Vashya - attraction
  3. Tara – longevity of either
  4. Yoni – nature and characteristics
  5. Graha Maitri – natural friendship
  6. Gan – mental compatibility
  7. Bhakoot – relative influence of one on the other
  8. Nadi – possibility of child birth

According to the chronology above, the numeric points given to each is also the same i.e. 1 to 8 which all comes to a total of 36. It is believed that maximum 36 points can be achieved which is a guarantee of a happy, trouble free, blissful long married life. Minimum points allowed for marriage are 18, lesser than that, marriage is not suitable. This is but not the only and last thing to check for marriage compatibility, it is one of the tools.

This system was actually devised in the ancient days when most Indians were never in a position to cast their natal Ascendant horoscope, for want of finances to pay to the Brahmin to cast the horoscope. Learned sages and scholars had devised this Ashtakoot system as it was always easy for the brahmins who were always aware of the sign and Nakshatra that the Moon would transit through. It was easier for the common man to just consult him and get to know the sign his child was born under and thereby name the baby based on the letters assigned to each sign of the zodiac. So, then in future, when these poor people referred to a brahmin for Kundali matching, based on the first letter of the name, the Brahmin could easily identify the Nakshatra and moon sign of both the parties involved and instantly calculate the Ashtakoot and thus predict how the marriage would be.

Since most Indians did not have recourse to the Ascendant horoscope, they started believing that ashtakoot or guna matching was the only tool to match the horoscopes. This is why people began to rely heavily on it.

Only those privileged enough to be able to have their ascendant horoscopes cast, had the benefit of getting the horoscopes matched properly, based on ashtakoot and the ascendant horoscope.

The ascendant based horoscope matches the nature, tastes and hobbies and its similarity or differences based on the relations between the ascendants and their lords, it matches the true attraction towards each other based on the Venus signs and the relation between each other’s moons; it also matches the emotional and mental compatibility based on the moon sign and the relation between each other’s moons. It also includes Mangal Dosha and child birth related issues based on the lords of the fifth house and their strengths.

The ascendant based horoscope matching is more important as it entails all the twelve signs, the true lordships of the planets concerned, where as Ashtakoot matching is only based on the moon – the sign and the nakshatra it is in.

Therefore, for Kundali matching, it is important that not just the ashtakoot/guna but also the ascendant based chart is matched for a proper and accurate reading.

Get Your Kundali Matched/Couple Report/ Mangal Dosha Report.

:- Rikhav Khimasia
   Celebrity Astrologer
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