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The Fourth Zodiac Sign: Cancer

The Fourth Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Cancer is the fourth sun sign in the zodiac and those born on these dates (June 22-July 22) belong to this water sign. Ruled by the Moon, Cancer is all about emotions.

The most emotional of all zodiac signs, Cancerians are known introverts. It’s not easy to understand what Cancer wants. They hide everything beneath the surface and rarely express what’s going on in their mind. They are kind and do everything they can to make others around happy. They are sympathetic but not to those who are bitter and rude. Home is a special place and close friends are always welcome to hangout and have a good time.

Cancer personality traits

Cancer, no matter how unpleasant you may seem to some people, you have a conscience that prompts you to do the right things - like standing by people in their time of need. Like most water signs, you too have good intuitive powers and mostly put them to good use in managing your life. You have an urge to travel to distant lands but you are a home-loving person. You can do without being so crabby, if one may say so. Keep your moods in check. Remember the people you hurt most often are the ones who have been good to you. You tend to make a mountain out of the molehill and are prone to self-pity. Reserve some of your sensitivity for others who may need it.

Cancer work profile

You are a good worker Cancer and you never say no to responsibilities. You do one thing at a time but the quality of the work is great. You believe in accomplishing your goals on time and you know how to stay focused. You don’t get distracted like some other zodiac signs. Your colleagues and seniors can depend on you. You enjoy working in a disciplined manner and keep all your files in order. You never tire away from doing routine tasks.

Cancer likes

Cancer admires people who respect their elders. They like to associate with people who are close with their family. They find much in common with such people. Cancer likes to demonstrate their feelings and are very expressive. They like receiving gifts and presents, especially when it is a surprise. Cancerians love art, history, ancient artifacts and are drawn towards old monuments. Cancer loves water sports and always has a great time swimming and surfing.

Cancer dislikes

Cancer dislikes being away from home. They hate being in the middle of an argument. Do what you want but never criticize your parents in front of a Cancer. You may end up losing your Cancer friend forever. Cancer simply cannot associate with people who do not respect their parents.  They don’t like movies that are too modern. Their personality goes better with old movies that had a simpler but well narrated story.

Cancer in love

When they fall in love, it is long term for them. Cancer, you don’t believe in playing with emotions and you give your all to the one you love. You tend to get hurt easily but you rarely express your displeasure. You accept people as they are; flaws and all, and you make your partner feel special and appreciated. You are a domestic sign and you are at your happiest best when you build a home with someone you intend to spend the rest of your life with. Your best matches are Pisces, Scorpio and Cancer.

Lucky for you

Lucky days for you are Mondays and Thursdays, lucky direction is the east and lucky gemstones are pearl and moonstone.


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