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Sunsigns in Love

Sunsigns in Love

Ever wondered how people behave in love based on the zodiac sign they belonged to? Here’s a quick guide for those who want to know a little something about their partners or possible partners and what to expect in love. Avoid unpleasant surprises and common dating mistakes; know everything you need to know about your love.


Arians are not the ones who hold back their feelings. They are initiators when it comes to expressing their love. They are faithful to their partners and don’t go astray once they are committed. However, they are very possessive in nature and get jealous easily.


Loyal and devoted to their partners, deeply romantic Taureans are possessive but protective too about their loved ones. They need a little bit of pampering too. Taureans are believed to make their partners happy. They care for them extremely and are very giving when in love.


When Geminis fall in love, they don’t want to be repetitive. They crave for variety in love. Like Taureans they love to be pampered too and they are possessive about their partners. It’s in their nature. They are naturally flirtatious but are selective when it comes to love. Sometimes, their partners may have doubts about Gemini’s passionate nature but deep in their heart they are passionate beings. They enjoy intellectual conversations, and it’s vital to keep love alive with a Gemini.


Emotional Cancerians find it difficult to express their love, hence they try to conceal their feelings. Their love is ultra-strong and they leave no opportunity to show it. Cancerians always crave for more and more in love from their partners. They are committed to their relationships and loyal to their partners.


Leos as the name suggests, are very protective of their loved ones. They are supportive towards their partners and stand by them in any circumstances. Those who are protective will be possessive and may get jealous in a jiffy. One can expect bouquets of flowers with a love letter and a romantic evening while dating a Leo. They are one of the most entertaining and enthusiastic partners.


Virgos may not be love-exhibitionists but are truly trustworthy and genuine in love. Virgos love it when life functions in an organized manner and that could spring trouble in paradise as incompatible partners may find it a little too restricted. They are very devoted and loyal in love and can make for ideal partners. Virgos usually fall in love with those who are intelligent and ambitious.


Librans know how to express what they feel for their lovers. They are very caring and loving. For them love happens only once in a lifetime. They remain loyal to their lovers till the end. Librans are extremely romantic and adoring. They initiate a good conversation, they listen and talk patiently. Their love is deep and intense.


Scorpios love to be in love. They are passionate in their relationships. They are easily noticed by others due to their charismatic personality. Scorpios are a mysterious lot and anybody who’s ever dated a Scorpio will vouch for that. It becomes difficult to understand what’s on their mind. They are sometimes over-possessive. They easily get jealous if their lovers talk to the opposite sex. But, no other sign promises love, passion and the romance of a lifetime like Scorpio.


Sagittarians are adventurous in nature and that makes them take risk in their love lives too. They would be flattered if someone compliments them. In a relationship, Sagittarians will need a bit of personal space. As they are often tagged as honest and loyal lovers, Sagittarians should not be doubted ever.


Capricorns are the kind who will make all efforts to keep their relationship healthy. They may not be Romeo-like romantic but they care for their partners. They are quite mature in their relationships and that’s why one can depend on a Capricorn. Loyalty and dedication are keywords for them in a relationship. They won’t flirt or act romantically but they will love their partners deeply and truly.


Aquarians are innovative and often surprise their lovers with their lovely gestures. They may be a bit shy in the beginning but when they get involved in a relationship, no one gets bored in their company. However, they are sensitive and emotionally fragile. A relationship means a lot to them. They are better when things remain extremely private. Public displays of affection are a big no-no for this sign.


Pisces love to seek refuge in their vivid fantasies. They are not only romantic but artistic too. What they expect from their partners is equilibrium of emotional and practical aspects of life. One doesn’t even need to speak, and they will read your mind and heart. With Pisces, one needs to have patience sometimes due to their ever changing moods and thoughts. They are sensitive so it’s likely that they feel devastated at the first sign of disagreement.


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