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Seek blessings from Lord Shani on this Shani Jayanti

Seek blessings from Lord Shani on this Shani Jayanti

Shani Jayanti marks the birthday of Lord Shani according to Hindu mythology, he was born on Amavasya. This year it falls on the 18th of May. It is considered to be one of the most auspicious days to worship Lord Shani. Shani is referred to as Saturn which has a strong influence upon people. It is believed that Shani Jayanti is necessary to celebrate as it wards off any evil or bad omen to the maximum extent. Shani Jayanti is usually observed by ardent Hindu devotees to please him in a very noble manner making sure to strictly follow all the rituals given for His furious nature.

Shani Puja Vidhi:

The first step towards conducting the Shani Puja at home is by washing the feet of Lord Shani’s idol. The idol is usually cleaned with gangajal, panchamrat, oil and water. This water is not discarded but is consumed as charanamrit.

Shani idol should be decorated using black clothes and usually items like sesame oil, gram and clothes are offered but everything needs to be black in color. The diyas should be lighted using only sesame or mustard oil.

The best time to offer prayers to Shani is before sunrise as this is considered to be the best time. Some ardent devotees also believe in observing a fast during the daytime and they usually break their fast by consuming khichdi.

After the entire process people recite Shani Dev’s mantra and also sing Shani Dev’s aarti along with chanting the name of Shani Dev for 108 times. Shani Honam or yagya is also conducted but in the presence of the purohit or Acharya to seek protection from any kind of evil.

One should not sacrifice any animal during Shani Jayanti as Lord Shani dislikes it.

Shani Dhyan Mantra

Nilanjana Samabhasam Ravi Putram Yamagrajam Chaya Mrttanda
Sambhutam Tam Namami Shanai Shwaram

Shani Gayatri Mantra

Aum Sanaischaraya Vidmahe,
Sooryaputraya Dheemahi,
Tanno Manda Prachodayat.

Mool Mantra

Om Sham Shanaischaryaye Namah!

Auspicious timings

It is to be noted that Amavasya Tithi Begins on 11:59 on the 17th of May and it ends on 9:42 am on 18th of May. The Shubh Muhurat for abhijit muhurat starts from 11:50 am to 12:44 pm and the shubh muhurat for amrit kal starts on 19:39 pm to 21:10 pm.


Devotees strongly believe in aan or donation on Shani Jayanti as this act is considered to be one of the most meaningful aspect of human life. Through this one can find solace and peace of mind even after giving away his most priced possessions. Any act of charity or donation on this day to the poor, old, needy or handicapped is believed to remove Shani Dosha and is followed by aatma shuddhi. It purifies sins and also acts a remedy for removal of all faults or doshas in one’s horoscope. 


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