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Nothing More Divine than Shiv Puja during Sawan

Nothing More Divine than Shiv Puja during Sawan

The month of Shravan or Sawan is the best time to soak in the beauty of nature; you can look forward to enjoy the cool breeze and the rains. Sawan starts by the end of July or in the beginning of August. This year Sawan commences on 20th July and will end on August 18.

Sawan also has a lot of significance in Hindu dharma as this month is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Praying to Shiva is considered very auspicious during this time of the year. There is a lot of importance attached to Shiv Rudrabhishek during this month and it is considered very auspicious if done on Mondays. After doing abhishek, you offer bel patra, shami patra, kusha and dhoop to Shiva, and then later bhang, dhatura and shriphal is offered as bhog.

According to Hindu mythology, it is believed that once Sanat Kumara asked Lord Shiva why the month of Shravan is his favourite. Shiva replied that before leaving her body using yog Shakti, Devi Sati had vowed to get Mahadev as her husband in every birth. Sati reborn as Parvati – daughter of Queen Maina. It was during the month of sawan when Parwati performed intense tapasya to gain Lord Shiva’s love. Pleased by her efforts, dedication and love, Shiva accepted her and they got married. This is how the month of sawan gained importance for Lord Shiva.

There is also another version of the story behind sawan which mentions that Markandu Rishi’s son Markandeya was a great devotee of Lord Shiva who got the boon of long life from Lord Shiva during the month of Sawan. Another popular story is told that Samudra Manthan was performed in the month of sawan and the poison from this manthan was swallowed by Lord Shiva for the sake of saving the universe.  

But no matter what the story is, it is important to remember that this month is devoted to Lord Shiva and praying to him with utmost faith and devotion will bless you with great prosperity.  

Worshiping Lord Shiva by chanting mahamrityunjaya mantra 108 times with a rudraksha mala and fasting on every Monday (Somvaar) of the sawan month is given huge importance to please Lord Shiva. During the fasts, you can eat one meal after praying to Shiva. Wearing a rudraksha during the sawan month is very prosperous and brings great benefits to the native.

Month of Kanwariyas

This month is also known as the month of Kanwariyas. They are ardent followers of Lord Shiva who travel the distance to Haridwar on foot in order to get Ganga Jal which is used for Shiva’s jalabhishek. Their Kanwar yatra happens during this month.


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