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Mercury Square Mars, October 28

Mercury will form a square with Mars on October 28, 2011. What changes will this movement of the planets bring? What can you expect on this day?

Emotions will not be in control and you may find yourself saying things you never would have in your right mind. You will be quick on the trigger when it comes to verbal reactions to others. You tend to be defensive and are not tactful while making your point. You express your opinions freely but without being courteous. This will be a phase when people will have a hard time having any productive conversations.

This is a time when controversies are highly indicated. Stars and celebrities need to watch out. Any wrong move that they make during this time can lead to embarrassing situations that will leave a long term impact.

You can make good use of this time by focusing on your work and channeling your energy towards something productive. You are full of ideas and the planets urge you to express them and execute all that you have planned. Mercury, the planet that rules all forms of communication indicates you will benefit from a new project. Your leadership qualities come to the fore and you don’t let minor hindrances come in your way.

When it comes to matters of the heart, this is a phase when you need to take extra care. Your partner is likely to feel ignored or neglected. Relationship issues which were not there earlier may suddenly make an appearance. You are taken by surprise and you don’t how to handle it. At times, you feel it is too much. You ask for space and feel the need to get away. You must however refrain from doing so and do your best to face these difficult times with your partner.

With Mercury entering Sagittarius on November 2, you will find things improving again. It’s all about being patient and not giving in to your urges. All your problems of the ‘Mercury squaring Mars phase’ are temporary and these can be avoided by staying strong mentally.


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